The Difference Between Roll Pressing and Rolling



1. Introduction to Roll Pressing and Rolling


Roll pressing is a processing method that uses two rollers to press metal sheets, commonly used in the production of sheets and printing industries. Rolling, on the other hand, involves processing metal under the action of rollers and can be used for manufacturing various sheets and surface treatments of sheets.


2. Process Differences Between Roll Pressing and Rolling


Different Processing Methods: Roll pressing changes the shape and size of metal sheets through rolling or pressing. In contrast, rolling processes workpieces through multiple rollers.


Different Application Scenarios: Due to its effectiveness in pressing and embossing sheets, roll pressing is often applied in sheet metal processes. Rolling, however, can more finely process complex-shaped sheets.


Different Processing Effects: Roll pressing can better control the size and shape of sheets, but it may cause deformation during processing. Rolling results in minimal deformation and produces more precise finished products.


3. Examples of Applications for Roll Pressing and Rolling


Applications of Roll Pressing: Widely used for printing patterns on metal sheets.

Applications of Rolling: Extensively used in industrial manufacturing to process metal sheets into complex shapes.

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