• Design


    Design as a the most basic factor at pre-sales determines product sales and enterprise benefits. Before selling services, we proactively provide customers with information and assist customers in market research. The most important thing is to provide customized product design and processing services, so as to assist customers in making purchase plans and make products meet customer needs to the greatest extent.
  • Quotation


    We will make a general plan for the customer's project and specify a implementation plan so that the customer can understand the process of the entire project. We will provide the most advantageous price configuration plan based on the needs of customers, so as to assist customers in making purchasing decisions. We not only provide quotation services for individual products, but also help customers to consult the prices of other related series of products, and assist customers in their purchasing decisions one-stop.
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    During the execution of the project, we will produce some products by ourselves. we will do a good job in production process management, track the production progress in time and give feedback to customers. Constantly confirm the needs of customers. If customers have updated needs, we can also make corresponding adjustments in time, so as to better meet the needs of customers and form a more trusting cooperative relationship.
  • Purchase


    We specialize in the technology industry. When we cannot produce or have no advantage in producing products, we will find professional suppliers for purchasing, which will help customers to find professional and high-quality products to a great extent and control cost budgets reasonably. We have a professional market procurement team, carefully selected suppliers with high quality and good price, and the project will be handed over to us, which will definitely satisfy you.
  • Maintenance


    After our equipment arrives to your location, based on your requirement, we will arrange technicians go to your place to install the equipment, you need to prepare necessary materials as our list for installation. And at the same time our technician will give the customer's technical staff relevant operation skills training to ensure that customers can use our products quickly and create better benefits.
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    We will train your workers and teach them do daily maintenance, so as to ensure that the equipment can serve customers for a longer time. There is no termination time for our services. you can contact us if you have.

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