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The roll forming machine is a machine that continuously bends the coils, strips and other metal plates and strips
through the multi-pass forming rolls arranged in sequence to make cross-section profiles.
Mainly used in wall and roof systems in the field of steel structures.We will customize machines of different versions according to customer requirements.


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C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

This machine which produced purlin products is mainly used as frame of roof and wall of steel structure buildings.

Step Roof Tile Forming Machine

This kind of step tile sheets with good appearance, widely used in villas, country clubs’ scenic resorts, pavilions and so on for outdoor decorations.

Automatic cable tray forming machine

This machine can products all kinds and all sizes cable trays, widely used in electric power, communications, high-speed rail and high-rise buildings projects.


In order to cooperate with the international community in the fight against the epidemic,
our company integrates the best resources to provide some anti-epidemic materials to new and old customers around the world,
such as automatic flat mask machines, flat masks, KN95 masks, disposable inspection gloves and protective clothing and other medical supplies.