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Chile double-layer roll forming machine

According to the requirements of the 2 versions put forward by the Chilean customers, combined with the frequency of equipment use, personnel allocation and the customer’s site layout and other factors, we have formulated two versions for the customer to make a double-layer machine, and an automatic stacker to meet the needs of automatic feeding, greatly reducing labor costs.



According to the needs of customers with multiple versions, we give two versions to make a double-layer machine.



Give quotations, so that customers can clearly know the budget cost and the specific configuration plan of the equipment.



Arrange production, timely feedback the production progress to customers, so that customers can keep abreast of the order status.



Invite customers to come to the factory to inspect the equipment, and give training to the specific operation of the equipment.



After the equipment arrives at the customer site, arrange technicians to install and debug the equipment, so that customers can use the equipment quickly.



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